we believe that data and privacy policies need to be clear, accessible and understandable - that's why we created Clarity*, a project which aims to demystify data policies, and give you back control over what you share.

→ Clarity*

the disposable
memory project

over five years, we released 500 cameras globally - to be lost, found, passed on, and returned full of photographs and stories. our cameras travelled collectively over 500,000 miles, and visited more than 70 countries.


one day curious

an exercise in curiosity - take 15 minutes each day, and take part in a daily activity to help you break free of routine, bad habits, and creative ruts - and open your eyes to the world around you.

→ OneDayCurious


lovethink is a relationship creation platform which doesn't start with how someone looks, but how they think.
Each member builds up their profile with a collection of short 'thoughts'.
Like and connect with members based upon their opinions, writing style and other attributes you gather from their prose - rather than their appearance

→ LoveThink


a experiment in content discovery - with the aim of bursting your filter bubble. every day share a link you find interesting, the following day that gets shared with the entire community, along with everyone else's posts. over time, your bubble erodes, and you'll start discovering a wider range of content and opinions


The 100

100 cameras, 100 strangers, aged from 1-100. over the course of one year, each participant was asked to capture a week in their life. these are the images and stories which were shared amongst this small community of storytellers.

→ The 100

make brave happen

a project for carat uk - redesigning and deploying a new cultural platform for the agency - over six months of consultation led to the creation of a mantra built on being more connected, more curious, and more confident, this is one of the projects i'm most proud of at my time with this agency.

→ Carat UK

edges of london

what happens at the end of the tube line? there are over 45 'edges' of london, and my aim is to visit every single one of them, and discover a little more about our city.

→ Edges of London

a nice cup of

there are some things which digital really cannot do well - and this was my attempt at making that right

→ A Nice Cup Of...

the visual

13,000 images, 6000 words, this collaborative project was all about discovering the language around us, and one of my earliest projects exploring open-collective photography.

→ The Visual Dictionary